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How to improve your Non Emergency Medical Transportation Business (NEMT)

NEMT Claims & NEMT Auditing

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we are all about assisting our NEMT business partners with strategies as well as non-emergency medical transportation dispatch and invoicing software.

Everyone has to be constantly researching to enhance their business, but in the NEMT industry, we must be more vigilant about constantly learning and developing ourselves as well as our business. As NEMT providers, we are held to a higher standard of care for our clients/customers who are either elders or persons with disabilities.

Reviews and feedback of your NEMT Business.

Always pay attention to the remarks and reviews you receive on a daily basis. If you are not receiving any reviews or feedback, it is likely that you have a broken link somewhere. Make it a practise to communicate with your employees and clients on a regular basis. Create a method in which everyone feels comfortable providing input. If your NEMT Business has a social media presence or a Google business profile, you may have some client evaluations.

Respond to reviews, feedback, and any remarks from drivers or nemt patients to improve your ratings.

The most prevalent complaint in the non-emergency medical transportation industry is that pickups are late.

The majority of clients and brokers report that drivers are arriving late for pickups. The simplest method to avoid late pickups is to simplify and optimise your scheduling. Always allow for a 20-30 minute gap between pickups. You may wind up making fewer trips, but your service quality and dependability will improve. Nemt patients and brokers appreciate a firm on which they can trust. You will be able to negotiate better rates and obtain more high-quality vacations.

How to Deal with Annoying Employees - The Second Most Common Complaint in the NEMT Industry

We are continually wanting to partner with organisations at NEMT Platform, and we have come across a lot of nasty people while reaching out to companies. Unfortunately, most businesses have nasty and unprofessional employees. The most typical cause is a lack of training and a lack of disciplinary measures.

Every business should hold at least two training sessions every month. In every firm, this has the quickest ROI (return on investment).

Every company should hold at least two training sessions every month. In every firm, this has the quickest ROI (return on investment).

The reality is that if you provide an excellent service, everyone wants to work with you. Customers expect you to service them, and brokers want you to book all of their trips. In this case, you may rely on technology. When we created the initial version of our NEMT PRO app, for example, we conducted a case study with a few organisations in our network. We were successful in streamlining and automating the majority of NEMT procedures. We intended to develop something comparable to Uber, so we naturally used some of the same influences and more.

  • We integrated the Uber Pool feature, which allows the driver to pick up numerous clients at once and send them off based on time and distance. Everything is automated!

  • We utilize ready bubbles, a feature unique to our programme. When passengers are ready to be picked up again, ready bubbles appear on the dispatcher and driver app screens. This simplifies and optimises everyday pickups. Leg A is simplified, but most significantly, Leg B is a piece of cake. During a busy day, you won’t miss any leg b’s just because you got busy.

Tasks that take the most time in the NEMT industry

Optimize your whole organisation to save as much time as possible so that you can focus on developing your business.

Scheduling and billing are the most time-consuming operations in the NEMT business.

Many software firms provide scheduling and billing services. You could easily save up 2-3 hours of your time by employing a service that would arrange your excursions and handle the invoicing for you. Consider what you would do if you had an extra 2-3 hours each day. NEMT PRO, by the way, saves businesses 5-6 hours every day on average. We have completely automated our scheduling and billing. You're done in a few clicks!

You will expand immensely if you can give good customer service and become a reliable firm in your neighbourhood. We have some firms who are developing tremendously with only a few drivers since they are implementing the strategies and use the NEMT PRO capabilities on a regular basis. One firm, for example, began utilising NEMT PRO with 5 drivers. The first month they made $27,000, and the second month they made $65,000. With only 12 drivers, they were making between $80-95k per month after 5 months. So, go out there and give a better service than your competitors, execute these methods, become a problem solver, and be on time. Share this with others who might be interested in this type of material, and also share it on social media. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think!!!