Our History with NEMT Services

When we first started providing NEMT services to provider companies, we put a lot of effort into knowing how we could design the best NEMT Software solution that could help companies carry out their operations in the most efficient way while keeping in mind how companies can save time, resources, and focus on growing their business instead of getting stuck in non-automated processes. As a consequence, we built NEMT Software to make parsing, dispatching trips, and managing invoices and claims as simple as possible for providers.

Why NEMT Software

We realize that each NEMT provider operates under distinct conditions. The organisation of Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance-funded services varies by state; providers may serve mostly urban or rural areas, and they may work with a single or numerous funders.

NEMT Software transportation software for providers allows you to easily create optimum schedules and offers versatile scheduling and dispatch modules that can be tailored to meet unique requirements. Other responsibilities include optimising back-office procedures like billing, boosting communication with drivers, and improving customer service.

Automated Scheduling

You can move beyond paper-based approaches and spend less time preparing schedules with automated scheduling and dispatching. Book single or daily batch trips with incredible flexibility.

Real-Time Dispatch

Allow for same-day scheduling changes, such as will-calls, last-minute travel requests, and late cancellations, without losing efficiency or on-time performance.

Resource Management

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date driver, vehicle, and customer database.

Import Broker Files

Receive trip requests from brokers and healthcare groups and quickly determine whether or not to accept them.

Claims Management

Contract and other funding source reimbursements are processed more quickly (Medicaid.) Transactions follow HIPAA data confidentiality regulations, and audit information is automatically obtained.

Customized Notification

Automatically triggered reminders can be sent through phone (voice or SMS text messaging) or email to minimise costly last-minute cancellations. By clicking a button, customers may cancel or confirm their orders.