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NEMT Services in Digital World

NEMT Claims & NEMT Auditing

NEMT - Ever Growing Demands

According to research published in the American Journal of Public Health, approximately 5.8 million individuals miss healthcare appointments owing to a lack of transportation, and those with chronic diseases may suffer health consequences if they skip an appointment. According to a new poll, states anticipate increased state-level healthcare enrolment owing to COVID and unemployment, which will result in increased demand for NEMT services.

Manual Operations - A Cumbersome Task

Because the majority of NEMT providers do not use digital software solutions to carry out their operations effectively, they are losing potential business, which also results in not providing timely transportation to members. Given the growing needs of NEMT, a technology-oriented solution has the potential to improve service delivery while saving costs for patients and service providers.

Importance of Technology in the Digital Age

Due to the absence of automated solutions on the market, providers are less productive and losing money as a result of the time-consuming process of managing procedures such as parsing, dispatching, billing, and claiming. If we look at things from a broader perspective, we can easily infer that if such provider firms choose the digital solution, they would reap significant benefits by delivering faster service to patients and enhancing their entire service delivery by saving costs and time.

Our History with NEMT Services

We put a lot of effort into knowing how we could design the best NEMT Software solution that can help companies carry out their operations in the most efficient way while keeping in mind how companies can save time, resources, and focus on growing their business rather than getting stuck in non-automated processes when we first started providing NEMT services to provider companies. As a result, we designed NEMT Software to make it as simple as possible for provider firms to parse, dispatch trips, and complete billing and claim operations.

Overview of Application Features

Our trip parsing function allows customers to import files from the main brokers working throughout America, and we are continually striving to expand this capability to accommodate new changes as they occur. Furthermore, our NEMT Dispatch Software makes it very easy to distribute trips among the drivers with no delays and track them from the start of the trip to dropping off the member at the desired location, which helps the dispatcher monitor the entire trip in a very user-friendly effective way, and as we all know, the billing and claims processes are usually not very easy to perform in most of the solutions out there, but we've streamlined it and made it simple to complete the operations of claims and invoicing without putting much work into it, saving your firm time and resources.

The digital solution to NEMT services has greatly aided provider firms, and as a part of the NEMT ecosystem, we are pleased to play an essential role in assisting businesses in growing by delivering our NEMT Software as a market tested best solution.